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2017 services and rates

NOTE: Rates published here are subject to change without notice depending upon the complexity of the task required. 


ROUTINE SERVICE: Routine service is attempted 3-5 days after receipt of your legal documents.

EXPEDITED SERVICE: Expedited service is attempted 24-48 hours after receipt of your legal documents. (Add $25.00 to base rates below for expedited service).

RUSH SERVICE: Rush Service is attempted same day or within 24 hours after receipt of your legal documents and is based upon availability. This service is sometimes requested if the person to be served will be in the area for today or tomorrow only. (Add $50.00 to base rates below for expedited service).

IMPORTANT NOTE REGARDING SERVICE ATTEMPTS: Tracker Legal Services will make three (3) attempts to serve your documents at one address before additional charges (excluding fees for mileage) are incurred. All service fees (routine, expedited, and rushed) are charged “per address”. For example, if you need to serve John Doe in Concord, NC at a particular address and later determine that he has moved to York, SC, then an additional charge will be added to the Base Rate (set forth below) based on the location of service. With each attempt our process servers will wait at the address for at least 20 minutes if the person to be served is not present upon our arrival. If circumstances necessitate, at your request, that our process server remains at an address longer than 20 minutes, there will be an additional "waiting" charge of $20 per hour. You can put a cap on the amount of time you would like our process servers to wait at an address prior to the service attempt.

MILEAGE: Beginning on Jan. 1, 2017, the standard mileage rates will be 53.5 cents per mile for service outside of Charlotte, NC. The mileage rate is always the same as the IRS Standard Mileage Rates in affect at the time of service even if this website has not been updated to reflect the change.

AVAILABILITY: We serve documents 24 hours per day (based upon availability).

PAYMENT: The Base Rate (below) is due prior to service of any documents. Any additional charges incurred for mileage, service attempts at additional addresses, etc. will be billed separately and payment for these additional charges are due before an affidavit of service will be provided. This policy is firm and will only be waived for return clients on a case by case basis.

IF WE ARE UNABLE TO SERVE: We ask our clients to assist us in providing the best time and place to serve documents whenever possible. If we are unable to serve the person at the address provided, we will do our best to assist you with ascertaining the correct address. However, if we are unable to reasonably locate the correct address, we will return your documents and payment will still be required. 

Below are rates for the counties we serve in North Carolina and South Carolina. You will need to know what county your city/town is in in order to calculate the correct rate. We have process servers available in areas outside of the coverage areas listed below and we quote these rates on a case-by-case basis. If the county you need service in is not listed, please contact our office for a quote. If you have any additional questions, please do not hesitate to contact us. If you have never used a process server before, you may want to visit our "What's Next?" page for additional information.
Current rates by county (North Carolina):
Base rate of $80.00: Mecklenburg
​Base rate of $90.00: Cabarrus, Gaston, Lincoln, Union
Base rate of $100.00: Catawba, Iredell, Rowan
*There are extra charges for expedited/rush services and mileage (see above).
Current rates by county (South Carolina)
Base rate of $80.00: Lancaster, York

*There are extra charges for expedited/rush services and mileage (see above).

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