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Providing services in the Charlotte Metro area, greater North Carolina, and South Carolina.


Copies of legal documents may be obtained from the courthouses in our service areas. The client must first determine the court in which the documents are located by calling the clerk's office, if necessary. There are several options for obtaining copies.

  1. Regular copies. We can make copies in person at the clerk's office using the copy machines available in the file rooms. The clerk's office generally charges a fee and the client can determine the cost of regular copy fees by contacting the court. Regular copies are generally scanned and emailed to the client unless they request that the copies also be mailed.

  2. Certified copies. Certified copies may also be obtained from the clerk's office for a fee. Please visit the court's website or call the court to determine their fee if you require certified copies or copies with a "true copy" stamp. Certified copies are generally scanned and emailed to the client and then returned to the client in person, via regular mail, or via expedited delivery service at cost.

    Fees: Rates vary depending upon the copy costs imposed by the court or other government office, the volume of documents requested, the court location, and your desired method for receiving the documents. Please contact us regarding our rates.



If you're trying to serve a foreign or out-of-state subpoena on a resident in another state, the subpoena is generally not enforceable unless it is domesticated in the state where the document needs to be served.

Subpoenas from other states may be used to compel the attendance and testimony of NC and SC citizens. Subpoenas may also be used to compel the production of documents or the inspection of premises when certain steps are taken to domesticate the foreign subpoena.

We assist out-of-state law firms and self-represented clients with issuing and serving out-of-state subpoenas on NC and SC citizens.


Documents needed:


  • Four copies of the out-of-state subpoena (signed)

  • Four copies of the North Carolina subpoena (unsigned)

  • Check for the filing fee - $200.00 (verify with the court as fees may change).

Fees: Rates vary depending upon the filing fee imposed by the court, the court location, and method of delivery. Please contact us regarding our rates.

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Filing documents with the court generally means visiting a court clerk at a filing window; paying a filing fee (if applicable) and submitting the document to be filed (usually the original and at least two-three copies).

We file documents for law firms and self-represented parties. When filing these documents, clients are responsible for the filing fees.

Fees: Rates vary depending upon the filing fees imposed by the court, the court location, and your desired method and time frame for having the documents returned to you. Please contact us regarding our rates.

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